Interaction of art and interpretation


Old Spring -- digital painting by Tomas Karkalas 2010
Only face to face communication reveals that the technology we us either makes us the better ones or buries in the illusions. 
Pictures in oil and the digitals look differently yet that means nothing at all. The applied technique can change just the outward look of my artwork but not the essence. It is your feedback (our face to face communication) that will show the real value of my blog.
Trying to put all the above in foreign language enables me to wish to continue to think further now... So, though at a moment my achievements may be described as zero, but there is still a hope that one day somebody will discover my artworks on a web archives and will put them into the book about the people who lived here once upon a time.

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Wolfbernz said...

I think what is cool about your art is that if you look deep into it you can see more than you would if one was to just glace at it. I find your art very good.

Happy Tuesday Tomas
Clicks for you :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I've already discovered your artwork and while that won't make you famous, it gives you a big fan of your work. This weeks is gorgeous ... and as a former oil painter, I see the similarities to oils.

Clicks, Bud aka Older Eyes

Liggy said...

In that picture I see many things...the surface reveals paint on a tree and the cracked bark ready to fall off. In another perspective, I see a mind full of beautiful and colorful memories fading with age. Such is the beauty of trees...