art parallels


I took a picture, however it became the artwork only when I put it on a web. Then I released the image from my sketchbook and it started its own independent being. Now I am looking at the tulips and guess how my current thoughts relate to what was done by me once. Are those two parallels or just my fantasy, the wish to escape the fruitless tree’s destiny?

The questions revived the flowers. They were growing on self-consciousness’s soul and it was obvious that not I planted them. I even didn’t look for them (didn’t garden the flowers) – Tomas Karkalas just took a picture.
So while the sower (the creator) rejoices over the blossoms, the viewer looks for him in dark spots of the earth beneath the flowers and the gnomic shadows compose the other picture. Which one do you see on above?

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Gaby Bee said...

I found your Blog through Robyn at Art Proppeled and enjoyed looking at your work. You make great compositions and I think this one is my favourite.