story of a tree in a mirror of my art

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story of a tree by Tomas Karkalas 2010
It was fun to take pictures. It is fun now too. I am to write the description to my photo, so I have a chance to say something wise and beneficial to all by putting  Story of a Tree in a mirror of my art on this blog. I have an opportunity to relate my personal diary to the tree of knowledge!  Such outlook made my outwardly meaningless dreaming over a cup of coffee into something worthy the deeper examination.

Our responses to the gift of life do not always reflect the opportunities we have.
How do you read your Bible?

Trying to reply enabled me to relax

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DeadMule said...

The Owl-Tree

See the moss.

That tree has been growing
a long time--like an owl, whose
right eye holds fiery embers,
his left eye's a reflecting pool.

Makes me wonder what
his sinuses hold. Do owls
have sinuses? There must be
more to his story.

Helen Losse

Liggy said...

I can see where this looks like a tree of knowledge! That is amazing how we can see an owl's face in that tree. It's remarkable how nature blends different elements of life and lifeforms in other areas of nature. Great post, great picture!

(Click for you, Tomas!)

Campbell Jane said...

Ooo This photo is so intriguing! Nice!

Anonymous said...

"Our responses to the gift of life do not always reflect the opportunities we have." And sometimes we respond only after the gift is gone.


Bud aka Older Eyes

Wolfbernz said...


I really like your photos
Each time I look at them I see more in them than the last time. This photo is especially awesome with the way every thing blends and stands out at the same time.

Nice post :)

Clicks for you!!

Trina said...

I totally love this picture! The owl and the colored eyes are so awesome!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Nature expressing his majesty! Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes open to the awesomeness of creation available in every moment. Beautiful work!

Shelley Whiting said...

I really love the textures on this one. It's very realistic. I could have sworn I was looking at a moss tree. Your works are very beautiful. Your works are very personal and intellectual to the viewer. You can tell you put your heart into your paintings.