orphaned principal staircase

ladder of success --- 2010 Tomas Karkalas

The comprehension of human spirituality (sense of our oneness) enabled me to welcome the unknown passersby as my dear buddies. Thus "Hi, dear friends!" defined my ladder of success. I think though my words may confuse you a bit, yet the visual story of the picture you see above will talk eloquently enough. There is only one question. What direction do we move? Up or down?
The artwork expresses the emotions that may mesmerize and the message that should warn at the same time. So what direction to take? To boast of nice handicrafts, or confess my dependence on your feedbacks?

I dedicated this post to Top Sites Tuesday #61 - Orphaned Blogs. Today's theme on Blogdumps  as points to the reality I face as forces to choose either to muse on why my other blogs were not updated for so long already or to guess how long Art by Tomas will endure. New picture starts my each post, yet each new post buries the previous artwork in the archives. Whether somebody would recall their author, or just shrug - Who was that Tomas who sold nothing? Why should we know him?

it is me  2010 - Tomas Karkalas

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Liggy said...

Interesting...I'll bet no one would be able to see a camouflaged "Snuffaluffagus" of Sesame Street in that second picture! Maybe I've watched a lot of children's programming in my lifetime (having been around kids so much plus having two of my own). But Snuffy was the first thought that came to my mind as I looked at that picture...

Richard Klekociuk said...

The staircase (symbolically) offers us the chance to see things from a different angle, or to take a "higher road". It can present us with new challenges (in life).
We are also given the opportunity to evaluate our lives. Do we try something new, or is what we have and do with our lives all that we need?

Trina said...

What an awesome photo of a simple dandelion - the colors are striking and make the ordinary weed look like something to be desired.

Sometimes, it not what we've posted but what we will post that makes all the difference :)