The secret of my sketchbook

This photo belongs to my sketchbook, so many may be improved here, yet I want to show this "rough draft" to you already now,  because this shot not only depicts my environment but overviews the whole life too. Plus  the photography helped me to grasp the mysterious transformation that takes place at the journey of personal diary to the public showroom. While looking  at the picture ""Secret of a sketchbook", I grasped the symbolism of the change of passion to respectful silence. So there are the keys:
Each time I go outside, I sense myself embraced by fresh breath of the wondrous day and thus the sketchbook opens as if out of itself - automatically.  Meanwhile the exhibitions demands lots of various arrangements. As I think about these emotions, it becomes obvious that the sketchbooks symbolize God's love (the light that makes us all to flow out on the wings of the gratitude)  meanwhile our artworks express the human response and so often looks like the withered flowers.
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