artistic reply to Top Sites Tuesday #82 – What made you decide to be a blogger?

When daily news challenge and the yesterday looks like the heaven on earth today, only art colors comfort the heart. While reflecting this sad reality, the pictures announce the ultimate victory of the light and thus inspire the wish not to give up- awake from hard musings.
Unfortunately, art exhibitions become more and more expensive pleasure. The fees already exceed my ability to pay for the participation in art camps. Thus I accepted the blogging as the divine gift that enabled me to remain in the fairyland of happy tales till now. Hope to meet you next Tuesday too. 

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Perhaps you are able to share your work with even more this way than through the expensive art shows. I was just in a show recently that not only charged me to enter but then charged commission on what I sold! Some of them are getting greedy and the people that suffer are the artists. I feel your pain.

Trina said...

I had no idea that art shows would charge you, the artist, a fee to participate. I truly thought that art shows are for the displaying of new and exciting art pieces - to educate and entertain.

I feel privileged to be able to visit your exhibit!


oldereyes said...

It is a privilege to include your online "art shows" in my blogroll. I wish I had millions of readers to send your way.

Bud aka Older Eyes