soft pitfall

digital painting Discover Yourself by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania
It is easy to say, here is an abstract, discover yourself is just a challenging title...
Self-deception is always the easiest thing to do. As the painting so the poetry deal with emotions which can either awake and guide us or head to pitfall of scientific definitions that sound nicely, but never demand the personal response and thus mean nothing ultimately.
You may see as the autumn leaves so the faces in my artwork - everything is possible here and is the optional - that's like human wish to be happy. We are free to see what we like, but that didn't change the truth:
the healing power of our being here and now starts with the recognition of self in other. 
That is the message of my digital painting "discover yourself"  on art by Tomas blog.

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Anonymous said...

"Soft option to pitfall"? :-) You should take away the faces. They are really there and are not results of imagination. And they are ugly. But they are not mine. They are yours if you keep them there.

The birds face is a bit cute. :-)

You are really fantastic with colours. And you are a splendid painter. But the faces? Hah! :-)