The top 5 things you should know before dawn

Great titles always give encouragement, yet life generally looks like the photo below:
I named my picture the sailing because its viewing makes each of us the captains who should avoid the dangerous shoals - the unweighed estimation of outwardly clear picture. So what was above? Is that just a poor shot of a dirty ground and the weary leaf or the witness to personal safety?  It would be natural to pass by the fallen branch, yet couldn't  I stop to bow to that credible defender? I rejoiced at the security of the leaf and was inspired by his gratitude that covered the cold ground and transformed the whole picture into the artwork of being here.
Now. I hope that the art by Tomas photography would help you too to grasp the top 5 thing you should know before the dawn. That is the need of putting all your duties ( from the first to the last - all the tasks you just may have into one unceasing smile - it is the recognition of all our separate goals in the same sunbeam which illuminates our path everywhere it will run.
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karina said...

beautifully said ...

Unknown said...

Thank you Tomas for another beauty- keep on sharing and keep on loving!

nothingprofound said...

Wonderful words, Tomas. So poetic. And I adored "Dreaming."