My fall festival

What you see in this photo is what makes my fall festival worthy the sharing. Light from the beyond the picture gives the meaning to the ruins and transforms the complaints into the gratitude.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

Nice photo and thoughtful words!

Wolfbernz said...

I like the single leaf in the midst of all the color!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Anders Woje Ellingsen said...

There were men before us. Thank you fathers for your work The Son in mind. Thank you mothers for you commitment. Entering the fall of human history we will not forget.

Thank you Karkalas for your kind comments on LinkReferral.You are a nice guy. :-) May The good Lord see to it you fall is full of faith and hope. And love.

A.W. Ellingsen

Joanne Olivieri said...

It brings life to the cold feeling of the bricks. A message that there is life everywhere if we just take the time to notice. Excellent work.