Look at mysel for better tomorrow

Pleasure to take pictures didn't grant satisfaction with the photograph, yet it always is very beneficial activity, because the failure to make a good print helps us to grasp the need of preparation to enjoy tomorrow so to speak. I say so, because the photograph is much more than just some image but the diagnosis of our being "here and now".
I named this picture Look at Myself. This title is the provisory (the capture may sound better), yet while I am free to edit the above word combination, I can't change a jot in the reality I am facing now.  What you see on the above is what I found in my window.  While I was looking at myself,  spring came. Is not that ironical? Spring and flowers should be the synonyms, yet  the truth not always burst into blossom. The lack of what to enjoy in this shot challenges, calls for action and the above gives some hope for tomorrow.

Now I offer this artwork to BlogDumps's Top sites Tuesday. These are my two thoughts. Hope your comments would free me from current ambiguity and my hope for better tomorrow wouldn't be just nice illusion, but the reality we both will enjoy. Thank you in advance.

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Liggybee said...

That's a very interesting photograph...but it seems more like sadness and dreary weather rather than spring and sunshine. I hope it reflects the hope of spring flowers to come and not just spring showers in the nearby future. We've had enough snow and rain the past few months to want to see more precipitation at the start of a new season!

Wolfbernz said...

Cool Picture Thomas :)
Well spring is here and tomorrow will be better then today because everyday is a good day.

Clicks for you!

Anonymous said...

You're work always amazes me, Tomas, even when I don't get your meaning. Here's your click ...

Bud aka Older Eyes

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the kind comments on my blog. I have added your link to my blog list. I enjoy your postings and I will visit often.

Helen Yates said...

The pictures are very nice, only that I just discovered this site.

I will subscribe to the RSS feed so I don't miss any other cool posts.