They are looking at us

The seekers for beauty gazed at the ancient temples, and the seven wonders of the world were put on a list. The wiseacres analyzed the architectural engineering, and the libraries were overfilled with books, yet I wanted to add one more sight to that picture gallery. Now I am proud to announce
my picture They Are Looking At Us

The drain filter rescued the leaves, and the temples had the same intention to our ancestors. So we have dealings with the same symbols here.
The photo above indwells only in my sketchbook, yet does that mean any? The Church never was an object of the tourist's guidebook too.
The preservationists guards just buildings (the bricks), meanwhile the sanctuary responds just to those who pray in heart.
The picture may look lonely, yet heavy traffic produce the alike mood till we succeed to break through the mess. Though the moral on above sounds so clearly (looks as the obvious), yet it's hard to hear the truth because the helplessness of the sick heralds don't look attractively at the market (...)

Have a terrific day dear friends.

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