my gratitude for the peaceful awareness

Is it a landscape or what does the abstract report? Dim spots are silently playing hide-and-seek in the picture. Mysterious faces as appear as vanish from sight.
What's that?
The ambiguity may hurt, yet a sense of peaceful awareness fills the heart and it becomes so easy to breathe freely...
In my vase, the wondrous tulip came into flower to second the above truth.
Thus my day-to-day life entered this blog ...to be precise, the twilight of my room was illuminated by YOU.

Thank you dear followers of Art by Tomas site for that so lovely blogging experience. The awareness of your interest in my works and your generosity gave birth to my blog in a literal sense of this word.
The wish to show something new and nice to you as inspired all my pictures as enabled me to keep blogging till now  in spite of all my hardships. While thinking about you, I'm participating in life. Thus you gift the meaning to my being, enable me to forget my disability (the jobless' impotency to do anything except the passive looking through his window) ....
Thank you for the wish to break through the silence - for the wondrous healing through the awareness of your being.

This time, my special thanks go to P. Reetha...
Just  look at a scrolling text widget on above 
"Our love to others defines the footmarks we leave in life"

The instructions I got from BUSNESSVARTHA enabled me to make this widget despite the fact that I knew nothing about the HTML or the codes.
Though my technical skills are below zero, I don't fear anything. because I know dear P. Reetha would help me - I need just to ask.
Thus the pages were added to my blog and your comments appeared  on a sidebar...
BUSNESSVARTHA enables us not only to improve the appearance of our personal blogs, but creates sense of comfort and security wherever we go - the awareness of P. Reetha' willingness to help us supports greatly not only the blogging, but illuminate any path we may take.
Thank you the hot, dear P. Reetha


Anti Aging said...

Just dropped to take a closer look of your blog. It's fantastic! Keep up the good work!

S-V-H said...

Hello Thomas,

thank you so much for dropping by on my blog and for your so wonderful compliment to my photography. I very much appreciate your words. :)

Do you know maybe these sites:


it's a great platform to show case and SELL your art, but - it is in German. Do you speak maybe German? I know from earlier time when I have visited your blog that you were always looking to sell your art, right?

Another great tool is also:
FAA, Fine Art America



Have a look first to all those sites, it's very easy to sign up.

I think it could be maybe interesting for you and your wonderful works and you could make some money. I have sold 6 pieces on FAA recently.

Have a wonderful weekend, Thomas and let me know where you've signed in so I can come and visit you there. :)

If you have any further questions, write me an email at susanne2049(at)gmail.com, o.k.?


TOMAS said...

Dear Susanne, it was fine to hear that you liked my works, yet I rejoiced the most at your comments: thank you the hot for the links- for YOUR CARE WITH ME, for the memory of my problems.
I have read your response like some love poem : I have read your instructions as the best compliments- you put the beauty of words into the practice. I appreciate that greatly. Thank you the hot.

Thank you for e-mail. I will write to you soon in more detail. At a moment I don't know where would I sign in, yet you already can view all my works.They all are on my blogs and the blogs are listed on my "about" page here. So welcome to my archives and have a good day.

nothingprofound said...

Thomas-apart from your pictures, which are wonderful, you have such a loving and poetic soul. It's always such a pleasure for me to visit here. Take care!