wet path of Art by Tomas toward you

As I look at you, I see the same Spirit, who indwells in each of us. Joy expands my horizons, opens the heart. The disabler even dared to visualize himself through your eyes. Thus the picture below appeared here.

I took a photograph of my yard, and got the picture of myself. My state of being revealed itself in the shot. Thus the simple photo obtained the power of a symbol,- we are looking at my wet road toward you now.
The photograph depicts the steps across the yard. I know, the current state just can't allure anybody, yet that's just a glimpse of a road which will throw down his mask soon. As I think about God, whose Spirit indwell in each of us, His love warmth my heart and current dirt burst into blossom . 

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AngelBaby said...

Nice pictures, just lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

Here's your click ...........

Love and Blessings,

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Thomas
I guess that is one way of tagging everyone!

Great picture, happy Tuesday!

Clicks for you :)

My post is up!

Trina said...

I love how you took the simple picture and transformed it giving it meaning that would have been otherwise missed.