dancing lights

Our attitude towards the painting defines the magic of the artworks. The viewer's  approach either awakes the colors of the pictures or silences the dancing lights and thus confuses him even more than daily problems that have brought him to the art showroom. 
While separate stroke of a paintbrush means nothing out of itself, each spot on the canvas may gift  to its beholder an opportunity to meet with himself and taste his personal emotions. So the dark scratch may as inspire as irritate. For example, we can either recognize the silhouette of some figure in brush stoke and read its awakening story of the travel to light or to disgust at the "abstraction" and grieve over the death of morality in the modern art. Yet would the last statement be the truth?
Digital painting Dancing lights reflects the huge palette of emotions that are the keys to our dreamland - to the recognition of ourselves in the eyes of others. Welcome to Art by Tomas!
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Carolyn said...

Thanks for your wonderful art and insightful comments. Greetings from Texas