Sunbeam Riders

The digital painting Sunbeam Riders welcomes you, dear bloggers. Light created a picture to enjoy from my contradicting emotions. While your feedbacks put on a smile of gratitude, the health problems cause me lots of troubles.
Your comments always make my day, yet as I go outside, it becomes hard to accept my impotency to follow the visions : I see not only the nice exhibitions that could be arranged by me but the cost of all the technicalities too and thus my total inability to deal with the material problems I face becomes obvious.
While it is easy to understand why the unemployed can‘t allow themselves the luxury to relax in a coffee-houses, that wisdom helps a little in my dealing with the wish to enter the coffee-house where my own paintings hang on a wall. It would be fine to dream over a cup of coffee there, yet the unemployed can plan to improve their current financial situation, meanwhile people with disabilities are free from any projects on their further being. They are totally dependent on a grace of their benefactors and can just thank for remaining alive.
At times it‘s hard indeed. In spite of that Sunbeam Riders claim the ultimate victory of the light that never was overcame by the darkness. So let‘s joke a bit. My empty purse limits my daily walk (strictly edits my dreams), but that dependence on a lucky accident not grieves me but comforts by gifting more time to write a letter to you – enables me to study the dictionary and to rejoice at the eternal values


Lynda Lehmann said...

Life is certainly difficult enough, Tomas, even without disabilities.

Your paintings are hanging, and that's wonderful!

I like the sunny, tactile and beautiful piece you have posted here!

Novo said...

These are just fantastic! I love your work!


figments said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is gorgeous.