Top secret of abstract painting

Here is the Shadow Smile. This digital painting offers a key to the viewer to unlock the joy that is inscribed in the artwork.
When you will identify yourself with your eyesight, the abstract painting will cease to be the mysterious collection of brush strokes and will reveal itself as a symbol that puts mind and heart in harmony – makes the dream into the reality.
Top secret of Art by Tomas blog is the personal approach that transfers the dirty puddles underfoot into the stunning picture gallery.
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PhotoDiction said...

I must say that I really like your approach to the abstract. It is refreshing to see things looking back (and into the soul) when passing by the puddles that are underfoot... and all around :)

Stephaine said...

all I know is that abstract is just something you do like pain here and paint here..
your post enlightened me with what is abstract really is all about.

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment.

I don't think people truly appreciate just how difficult abstract painting can be.

I for one, can never release enough and just let my mind go, to master the abstract.

Or, perhaps it is just the opposite. I may not be disciplined enough to work in abstract.

I have plans to start back with my painting as soon as possible. Unfortunately I need all new supplies and you know how expensive they are.

This one you have here is one of my favorites. And yes my mind did project and see the face immediately.

Great piece of art!!

Grey Orange said...

Awesome painting