what are you thankful for?

While looking at the fallen leaves I  recognized self-portrait 
Tomas Karkalas - LOST UNDERFOOT - 2010 digital painting

The blogging taught me to join freedom to talk  with the responsibility for the message I share.
Now the descriptions of the artworks test the colors of art by Tomas. Questioning myself what I am grateful for illuminates the ambiguous dusk of today. 

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Gheorghe Popa said...

thank you for your beautiful words

Gheorghe Popa said...

thank you for your beautiful words

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post. I am thankful for a dream come true before the year ended.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Tomas!

Thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog. so here I am!

You have a wonderful blog, lots of things to explore here.

Will be following you!

About this post, do u work upon them, i meant the leaves? or u just find things that click you?

will look forward to ur reply



Jackie said...

what a marvelous painting but you are among my favorite artists in my wee world anyway!

I am grateful for way too many things to even start to compile a list. I am a very blessed lady!!

Peace and love to you Tomas!

Ruah Edelstein said...

It's a treat to stop by and see your art as well as read your thoughts. Best wishes, Thomas!