Healing tears

 This digital painting looks like wet space Thus I named it the HEALING TEARS. They are wet too, isn't it?
 The below text should explain the titles of Art by Tomas in more details for it would be easier to move in the world of metaphors.

Hello is always Hello, yet people spread that message  differently. While most are used to talk in their native language, I prefer the prompts of my Lithuanian-English dictionary to my mother-tongue that I love so much. That may look a bit confusing at a glimpse, yet my actions are so easy to explain. Writing in English adds a sense of some authority to my musings on life and thus increases the self-confidence. The last looks like a dream, and it is especially desirable to each who is out of work for life because of his social status of the disabler. So I am glad to pay the cost- to agree to be a stranger among my own due to writing in the foreign. Though the last is the hard experience, yet it is so good to visualize the fruits of my pen as the statements that are worthy pondering deeper. In the light of the above, what may look like childish play obtains the value – showcases the traditional „Hi!“ as heartily as consciously.
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