bloom story

We enjoy the flowers, yet throw the withered ones to dustbin. Such is a story of a bloom - an overview of my life.

A Look at the diary creates the metaphors, brings sad smile to the eyes ...
While searching for the beauty and talking about the magic of fine arts, I looked at the garbage underfoot  and recognized myself in the ringlet- in what looked spectacularly once upon a time, but at a moment wouldn't embellish anything anymore....Is that so because of my impotency to deal with the current costs of the artistic materials?
I apologize for the questions that though worry me but have nothing to you - to our dreams about the better tomorrow. It is just art by Tomas that may end, the fine arts will bloom forever.

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Shanno's Country Chic said...

Tomas...I know we are are often critical beyond measure of our work...yours is sublime. Don't worry my friend...all is well.

CharmaineZoe said...

Love your work, this is beautiful!

UncleMike said...

Although the most critical eye is often our own, don't let it dissuade you. Good stuff my friend, unique, not the same old stuff I see everyone else doing. I hope you keep it up.

Richard Klekociuk said...

Flowers can bring us joy, but when they have gone, our memories of them will always be strong and just as powerful as if they were still here.
Your work Tomas is full of life and its fragrance.