song of trampled faces

The less I paint, the better understand the meaning of the best artwork. That's life itself in spite the hardships to see the last clearly.

The government spent twice as much money on food in prisons than it does in hospitals. The sick groan silently/politely – they don't complain, but try to recall something worthy memorizing – something they still can to do.That is the song of the trampled faces. 
Such way personally I wrote my artistic statement:
People are used to divide the colors into the hot and cold, and thus encounter with the dirty mixtures.
That‘s inescapable, if we would talk about the paints, but fine arts‘s colors express not the flatness of the surfaces we are dealing with, they portray us ourselves – depict the human souls which are awakened by Divine Spirit.
Such way  each artist should be looked as a priest- the secular priest.
Therefore I am asking myself once again.
What‘s the message of my sermons- the artworks that I am exhibiting on a web?

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Colleen said...

Thank you for sharing your art with us Tomas...for giving us a reason to stop, meditate, and "breathe". Your work, posts, and art are an inspiration to me.

Maria said...

What Colleen said... you offer others inspiration and a place to breathe with your arr!