lost in metaphors

While art schools teach us the drawing rules, art therapy clubs help us to grasp that there is no such thing as ugly stroke or bad perspective.

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Unknown said...

Very Cool. Art is a creative process and to teach a certain way of doing stifles the creativity.

Art of RetroCollage said...

This piece and the thought written with it emphasize yet again that art really CAN'T be taught; only the techniques of art can.

Moving forward from the point of learning techniques and then realizing that they can carry our artwork only a certain distance and no further, we recognize that each of us is on his own, and must steer his own course through art, with himself as the sole and final authority on which direction to take.

All of the artwork ever made by anyone, if done with self-belief and sincerity, takes its place in the immense, glorious, and ultimately unimaginable patchwork tapestry of culture that is being woven in many dimensions and unfolding at every moment.

When aware of this, we begin to see that all attempts at criticism of art, or ranking of art, are meaningless and futile. Everything has its place in this tapestry, and who has a right to impose his judgment on what will be woven into it?