clarity of time

At first glimpse, the chapped blacktop may look like the meaningless abstract, yet I named this photo painting as the clarity of time. The picture of the underfoot drawings portrayed my thoughts about better conditions for the work in far countries in a new light- stopped tempt me - reminded about the same sun that shines to us all the same way everywhere.  Thus what was passing into silence have awaken in the unrepresentable spot underfoot. I took a shot and it as if made an overview of my creative work.
It would be great if that would be just a metaphor, unfortunately if you click on the link Tomas's sketchbook , you will see just  blue background of what  was the pictorial blog sometime. I would like to restore that story yet have no idea how to do that. Could you help me? Please.
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Colleen said...

Is that what that is, just blacktop? You make everything so beautiful. Thank you for putting a little beauty in to my life. :)

Art of RetroCollage said...

Your picture transforms the cracked pavement into something mysterious and evocative: a glimpse through a cloudy window to another place and time. Fascinating!