secret of the revival

The withered blossom out in the caring hand. That fabulous revival s not a fantasy but the reality of art therapy. While the hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders is rich with the dark stories, the artist Renatė Lūšis silences them -exchanges the mourning into the grateful smiles at Modus Vivendi club.
I wish to dedicate this painting to her.
The photo dependent on approach also was taken thinking about the wonderful master - was inspired by Renatė Lūšis and expresses my respectful bow to her.

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Richard Klekociuk said...

I find much joy and hope within this image, Tomas. There is much positivity within the layers of colours and shapes. What do others see?

Russ said...

It all depends who is looking at it and what frame of mind they are in.I just had a nightmare that I was dying.I see myself in the picture as a creature. The creature being stabbed by the hand of life.I should probably go seek professional help.