last snow

I can either like or disgust at the picture, but my emotions can't change not a jot here. It would be wiser to accept this image as an overview of my activity (as the harvest of my labor).
So I dared to ask, does this photograph represent great art, or portray just dirt? Am I looking at the Last Snow, or just gaze at a mirror and muse on life?


June Zach said...

This is ART! You make something out from nothing. A fascinating piece of craft!

tashabud said...

At first glance, without looking first at the title of the photo, the image looked like a headless rabbit partially buried in dirt with its blood splattered mostly by the neck area and onto the drainage area of the street. The thin rod that protrudes from the side of the snow, I thought it was the deadly weapon that killed the rabbit before its head got chopped off.

My brain must be wired differently why I saw this image the way I did.

I checked out some of your other artwork. Really neat stuff you have on there.

You should join my friend's monthly art challenge at her Art website. The members come up with a subject and each member submits his/her own interpretation on that particular subject.

If you're interested, just visit my blog. On the side of my blog is a widget "The Artist Challenge." You click on it and it will get you to my friend's website.

Have a great weekend,

reyapot said...

nice photos you got here.. somehow inspiring.. now, i am thinking of taking photo class.. hmmm..

Anti Aging said...

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