the most precious picture

Each artist has lots of pictures, yet the most precious are from his family album. Such is the photo on above. My grandson Simonas examines the world.

As I looked at my easel,  I saw a canvas that still was open to editing. The image I was working on though attracted the eye already, yet some strokes were still  crying for the healing touch of my paintbrush. Thus I was free to choose. I could either try to do my best, or take a new sheet of paper and start everything anew...or go to sleep and do nothing at all.
The emotions that filled my heart while looking at my grandson were  the direct opposite to the above ambiguity. I didn't guess what to do, but rejoiced at Simonas. I didn't rejoice at some my own achievements, but looked at Simonas and rejoiced over the incredible riches that were entrusted to me so to speak.
At the art showrooms people look at the composition of the artwork, discuss the applied technique... , meanwhile the family albums are like the mirrors that reflect just the grateful smiles.
The art critics prefer the framed canvases to the family photos, yet these "accidental" shots have greater impact on our life than all world-famous masterpieces.

Simonas did not pronounced a word till now (he is only two month old) yet my grandson silenced all my complaints already - enabled me to look at myself in a new light. My grandson teaches me the life - helps me to recall all I have enjoyed in my youth.


The Redhead Riter said...

It is so beautiful to hear you talk about your grandchildren in this way. I think grandparents play such an important role in a child's life and even better when they can express their love as you did in this posting.

Paulineh said...

Tomas this picture is just beautiful and your grandson adorable. He really looks like he is questioning why he was there.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Precious, indeed. :D

Sinomas is such an adorable boy.

I like the slide show of your artistic crafts. Nice idea! ^_^

Rae said...

Your comment made my day...how nice of you!
Your grandchild is so beautiful!
Thanks again for your kind words.

ESCUDERO said...

Great photo Tomas - Love it!!!

Rana Sinha said...

What a lovely picture. A good and happy life to him and wonderful moments to share for both of you.