Autumn Picks

Painting transforms the warning news into the admirable pictures. Threatening reality blooms with awesome allegories and thus sits us back in an awe...Art therapy works the miracles - artistic reflections make the helpless victims the heroes, who face life disasters with a hearty smile. Such way the Autumn Picks embellishes my surroundings too, yet have I the right to enjoy the poetry while passing by the beggars or people who ask for a bread?
The Creative work heals the artist, yet does his artwork do the same to the viewers?

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trina said...

I always enjoy your art. The colors are so cool and comforting with the greens blending subtly with purples and blues...

Happy Tuesday!

Trina said...

Hi Tomas,

How very creative! You are very good a making the photos fun to look at!

Clicks for you!

Anonymous said...

Indeed it does, Tomas, when it's as beautiful as your work.


Bud aka Older Eyes

fraggle rock said...

It's look like google earth :D

Jackie said...

Hi tomas,
Thank you so uch for stopping by today. I did find out the spider is an Orb spider and it weaves a golden web that is very very strong. But, the little guy is not dangerous so I will leave him be.

As for your work I have always loved it. You are so very very talented.

I too fully understand the depth of dealing with a disability. Mine is not as bad as some and worse than others.

But, we all must go on and I like you try to do that everyday!

I hope to get back to my painting very soon. I haven't done any serious work any over a decade.

So good for you because you share so much joy with us in your work!