visual aids to success

The wandering around heads nowhere, yet such life style is worhy pondering. While the setting of the wise goals just offers a lot, the courage to glimpse at what‘s underfoot reveals everything about life :
This digital painting enabled me to appreciate my HERE and NOW more than any before.

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Alexander M Zoltai said...

My Dear Tomas,

You warmed my heart with your recent comment on my blog :-)

I don't know if you subscribed to follow-up replies but I did reply to that comment. Just in case you haven't seen what I said:

I just added a link to your site At The *Top* of my BlogRoll :-)

Donna M Torbico said...

Beautiful! Would love them on my wall, if I had a blank wall!

Titut said...

Hello Tomas, this painting remind me of my childhood. Did art project, collecting leaves and store them in the bucket consist of water and mud. Along the process it turned into beautiful fragile leaves. Btw, it's sort of dreamy painting and beautiful. Thank you for sharing' Titut

Johny Alives said...

I discovered your blog thru linkreferral .... I like your artwork ..... you are very original which is hard to find ... myself am originally from Luxembourg but now live in the USA....

come see my site and let me know what your think.. I like to hear from creative people like yourself...

my blog is http://photoartscreations.blogspot.com/