art whisper

This picture looks like non commercial view, yet the image has power to whisper too.  We need just to unlock the hearts. Lots of figures compose the dance of love. It was enough to went outside to sit back in an awe.
The painting helped me to see the silence and to hear the air. I was commissioned to spread these news-to invite you to the party of the gratitude.
While famous places attract the tourists, only comprehension of the sunbeam enables us to enjoy our hear and now.That's the greatest award.
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Romesh said...

This painting is awesome. I don't have any words to describe. Its truly magnificent.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hello Tomas...

Thank you for reviewing my site and such kind comments. I always am interested in the other artists work and yours is beautiful. Is all of your art digital or do you use the traditional method as well? I have been dabbling in Painter myself and and very impressed with your beautiful paintings.

I am joining you on your journey here and look forward to seeing what else you will share with the world.