transformational art at passing by the flowers

THE WORLD'S PREMIER PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE defined my pictures as the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas. Peter Shepherd was so right. while painting, the transformation happens indeed. Todays picture Passing by the Flowers proved the above once again - while painting I was overfilled with the incredible peace, now I am meditating on a meaning of my activity. The process of creativity awarded me with the smile, yet what was transfered to you? Can the abstract art replace the reality of the flowers? The picture can inspire the longing for a sip of fresh air, yet can the silence (the typical feature of the exhibition halls) replace a smell of wild landscape that points to inside and above to God?
It was fine to paint, and I am glad to look around now.
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Sandee said...

They are beautiful and they made me smile too.

Have a terrific day Tomas. :)

Shinjini said...

Beautiful picture! It makes me want to go out and be in nature. You are a wonderful artist, I'm so glad to have found your blog.