mosquito on life aesthetics by Tomas Karkalas

At times it takes more time to name the picture than to take s shot. Look below. What do you see?

The tiny flying insects  painfully bite, yet the above looks like a giant...consequently, this image as if does not belong to the threatening group of our enemies, isn't it?
However, does that sense of personal safety create satisfaction or makes cloudy reality look more attractively?

The above picture was a closeup at the spider's catch, but not the dried dish caught my eye here, I recognized myself in my surroundings. Such outlook on nature drastically changed my experience - sat me back in an awe toward the multitude of the revived metaphors that knocked on the heart and opened my eyes much wider than any encyclopedia.

Typically people rejoice at the pictures of the art therapy classes. The colors amuse many but not the life of the artist attending the art therapy class. So what does fine art reveal? Our reality or the dreams?

Let's return to the picture. It is my self-portrait - the life aesthetics


Clipping Path said...

what a nice painting! really good work!

Shinjini said...

I love your artwork! Is this a painting, or a photograph that you've posterized? It's stunning!
Dropping in from BlogFrog & following you on Twitter. :)

Titut said...

I've been notice that you love insects object. It's beautiful mosquito you did.

I love to paint and photograph and human object isn't fascinate me as much as flowers and insects, especially butterfly and orchid. I post one of my Butterfly painting at Nomads Arts Gallery.