Homeless Love

While being on a road, I met the Homeless Love.
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Good sculpture should look fine from all sides. Artists deal with this task quite easily, yet in the ordinary life the activity of many rarely talk about their inner beauty. So our marvelous soul is forced to hide under the social status of a man. Consequently many hurry to remove their eyes from the unlovely passersby, yet are they ugly indeed? What is the real beauty?
I entered the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders and took a picture here. While looking at the paper swan on a windowsill, it was hard to believe that this beauty was made by the sick people. I looked around once more and took another picture. The paper flowers were looking so sweet – they reflected no pain that indwelt the hearts of the creators so richly. What does that mean? Please read my post the Test of love. I tried to look at beauty in disguise of the litters more attentively on Art by Tomas blog
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