Garden of musings

This photo painting enabled me to look at myself in the light of the statements I left on my blog.
It was good to paint (I like to make the pictures) yet what message my Garden of Musings will deliver to you?

The inspiring 'you must be the change you wish to see in the world' helped me to deal with the reality I face. Gandhi replaced my wish to bid farewell with the willingness to take the paintbrush once again. I highlighted  the famous quote as the title of my work.
The history not only explains what is where, but challenges too, so I gave thought to. While I was proud of reading the sayings of others, would any quote me? I had a pleasure to paint, yet would anybody wish to smell my flowers, to see my art in their own living space? Art colors embellish human being, yet who gathers the followers?
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Tini Martz said...

Hi Tomas,

I go around the internet a lot and this seems to be the sentiment of a lot of bloggers.

I think your paintings are beautiful and inspiring.

I am positive that you have touched people you don't even know but just could not express themselves.

'you must be the change you wish to see in the world' -- I believe in this.

I have learned about Gandhi through history. I do not really understand why he would go to such extents for his beliefs, but I am understanding a little bit more.

Tini | Inzone Internet